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Landscape Design Vancouver Island

Jaan Designs is an award winning landscape design and installation company serving Vancouver Island and surrounding gulf islands. We have developed a company that has been consistently recognized both provincially and nationally for our award winning residential landscape designs and installations.

Whether you have a new home with essentially a “Blank canvas” or you have an older garden which needs restoration, we can help. The first step is to consider the services a landscape designer can provide. Click here from more information on our residential landscape design services.

Another approach to land planning is Permaculture Design

Permaculture is an ethics based design system that looks at your landscape as a whole rather than pieces. Permaculture design is a holistic approach which will require less inputs (labour, water, fertilizers) and improve your ecosystem by building soil, mimicing natural systems and will make your landscape more resilient.  With climate change in full swing our landscapes need all the assistance they can get. There is no better way to drought proof your garden than implementing a permaculture design.
Our first step is always the same. One of our friendly and professional landscape designers will visit with you at your convenience.

We will discover and imagine with you, all the possibilities, and alternatives to be considered, until there is in your opinion, a meeting of minds, a shared understanding of what is in your minds eye. Or we will set about to create one that is as unique as you are. 
We will discuss budget and your investment for retaining our landscape design services.

Consideration, Choices and Approach

Subject to your agreement our landscape design team will create a comprehensive landscape or permaculture design and budget showing every little detail. There are no surprises. The next step is yours, to capture your dream and bring it to life.

Services we offer

We are totally committed to the highest standards within our industry and customer satisfaction, 100% of the time. Whether it is a landscape design for your front garden or a garden design for your whole property, our approach is the same. The foundation of our award winning landscaping design is driven by your imagination and desires in concert with the unique characteristics of your home and property.

Our motivation remains the immense pleasure and satisfaction brought to those we have served.

Wanting to grow your own food but don’t know where to start?

Jaan Designs offers Permaculture and Edible Landscape design as well as installation services. We don’t suggest you turn your front lawn into a corn field, what we will suggest is a wide range of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that will look great, need less care and with the added benefit of providing you with a harvest.  We can get you started.

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Some of our past clients…

Creca Developments – Vertex Land Solutions – FMC Holdings – Easy Living Holdings – IDSL

Composting 101-Basic composting skills workshop

Composting Workshop Oct. 14th, 2017 10:00am-noon 3050 West Road, Nanaimo, BC Wish you were composting more but not sure where to start? Come to our workshop and discover how easy it really is. Jamie Wallace will take you through the process, step by step. Learn how to...
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Oregon State University-Online Permaculture design certificate instructor

OSU ONLINE PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE INSTRUCTOR I'm thrilled to have been selected as an instructor for the fall session of OSU’s Online Permaculture design certificate program. It will be a great opportunity to work with people like Andrew Millison, Javan K...
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Upcoming workshop-“Grow your own Weapons” : A Permaculture Perspective to Primitive Archery

“Grow your own Weapons” : A Permaculture Perspective to Primitive Archery You have a thriving food forest, perennial trees and shrubs filling your landscape. Have you thought of another use for that wood besides mulch, fuel or mushroom growing? Join us for a two hour...
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Upcoming Workshop…Perennial vegetables – Expand your gardens resiliency

  Perennial vegetables-Expand your gardens resiliency   Expand your gardens resiliency and your food security by planting perennial vegetables! Join Solara Goldwynn of Hatchet & Seed on March 18th, 2017 for an in-depth exploration of long lived, nutrient...
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Oregon State University-Online Permaculture Design Certificate Instructor

OSU ONLINE PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE INSTRUCTOR We are thrilled to have been selected as an instructor for OSU’s Online Permaculture design certificate program. It will be a great opportunity to work with people like Andrew Millison, Javan K Bernakevitch, Neil...
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Introduction to Permaculture

FREE ONE HOUR WORKSHOP Jamie Wallace will introduce you to the design strategies of permaculture. In sixty minutes we will take a glimpse into this unique design system that is beneficial to the environment, human habitat and can be applied to both large and small...
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The Importance Of Food In The Garden

The cultivation of food can be traced back to South East Asia between 8-10,000 years ago. It is not entirely clear as to degree of cultivation that went into growing rice in this area. It is however clear that humans started to identify desirable wild plants which...
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Seven Tips to Improve Your Landscape

Landscape tip #1 - Cultivate your soil not the plants. Sounds crazy but if you look after you soil wether it be in the garden or beneath you lawn, your plants will be much happier, healthier and look better. Synthetic fertilizers harm soil organisms, try applying...
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Landscape design tips

We are all guilty of rushing out to our local nursery and making those impulse purchases. We then return home with our little treasures and then have the task of finding room for these new plants. Panic sets in, there is no room for additions,  suddenly other  plants...
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Landscape Sustainability-Designing this into your landscape

More and more these days landscapes must be low maintenance, have a high aesthetic value and in recent times, be sustainable. The pace of life seems to be ramping up in this modern age, technology that was supposed to improve our lives appears to have made us work...
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