Nanoose Bay Waterfront

Yellowpoint landscape

Location: Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island

Type: New home and landscape

Challenges: Deer visitation, grade change from front to back
Project description: This property is located on the water in Nanoose Bay. Our clients built a lovely new home and were wanting a landscape which would naturally fit with the setting. The large open entry/driveway hosted a basketball hoop,  identified as one of the important landscape elements. Mixed planting areas consisting of trees, shrubs and perennials give the landscape a naturalistic look.

Stone slab stairs and concrete unit pavers make up the walkway and patio surfaces.

Objective: The home owner wanted to create a naturalistic landscape with a basketball court being the focus at the homes entry.  The results were a lush, low maintenance, naturalistic deer resistant landscape design that fits in with the character of the home.