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Acreage Landscape Design

With over thirty years of landscaping experience in Nanaimo and mid Island area, our award-winning team has the landscape design experience to take your dreams and turn them into reality. 

Acreage scale landscapes are really enjoyable spaces to work within. These often contain large open space as well as significant chunks of native forest and habitat. In recent years we are seeing a trend within acreage property owners to increase the resilience of their property often by growing or raising more of their own food, collecting and using rainwater, implementing some alternative forms of energy and questioning how typical landscapes fit within these large spaces. In our experience one needs to be very mindful when designing and installing acreage scale landscapes to ensure that we optimize the use of water on a given site while ensuring the desired level of maintenance does not create unexpected costs or labour.   

We use regenerative and permaculture design approaches to make the best use of the water and soil that is already on your site. Most people don’t realize that water is one of the most important parts of an urban landscape and this is the driving force within our designs and installation. 

Where do we start? Our road map to a regenerative landscape.

Our Landscape design service starts with a site visit and consultation. We will meet with you on your property to discuss your goals and visions for your landscape. We look at the existing landscape features, your house or future house, and your landscaping dreams. Perhaps you entertain and need outdoor dining or an outdoor kitchen, or maybe you want to practice yoga in a peaceful, secluded portion of your property. Whatever your needs, Jaan Designs will customize your landscape with your vision, budget and your house and setting in mind. Our initial consultation is free so contact us now to set up an appointment.

We will put together a landscape design proposal based on your design objectives, typically the investment required for an acreage scale regenerative landscape design would start at $4,500 and move up depending on the size of the property and complexity of your landscape.

Our regenerative design package can include:

  • A sector map showing the forces that enter your property and influence it. This might be a prevailing wind or a privacy concern. 
  • A concept plans: Jaan designs will produce a concept plans for your landscape, this represents your landscapes design possibilities. We build in a number of edits at this stage to take this initial concept and refine it based on our clients feedback.
  • Master plan: The master plan is the modified concept with some added details added to bring more clarity to the landscape design. This provides greater clarity on how much landscaping will be required to bring your vision to life.
  • Construction details: Construction details can be added and are often a separate phase within the design process. These details may be necessary to obtain both clarity and allow for accurate pricing from contractors. Examples of this are planting plans, hard surface details, water feature details, etc.


Most Permaculture or regenerative landscape design installations will include the following:

  • Fixed price installation proposal which clearly outlines our scope of work.
  • Construction schedule which details our start and finish date. If our scope of work changes we update our schedule, so you know when to expect completion.
  • Aftercare manual on all our installations along with the opportunity for us to consult or help you as your landscape establishes.

Peace of mind knowing that we treat your project as if it was our own and take great care with every detail.

Here’s a free gift for you:

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