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Some of our clients include:

Creca Developments – Vertex Land Solutions – FMI – Easy Living Holdings – Boehm Construction – IDSL – FMC Holdings

Commercial Landscape Design for Vancouver Island

We have worked with a number of clients who require a commercial landscape design as part of their development plans. Often these commercial spaces are given little consideration. The tide of conscientious consumers is helping to shift this mindset and this provides and excellent opportunity for aspects of permaculture to be integrated into commercial landscape designs.

Many regional districts on Vancouver Island look at alternative approaches to land design with favourable eyes given the lack of holistic thought given to most commercial landscapes. We approach all our design work from a holistic approach instead of imposing our will on the land, the results are an improved aesthetic and functioning landscape which can cost less to install and equally importantly maintain.

Were do we start ?

Our Commercial Landscape design service starts with an initial phone conversation to ensure that both parties are a good fit for one another. This is often followed by an exchange of project site files to reach a greater understanding of the proposed project.
Once there is a clear scope of work established we will produce a landscape design proposal that clearly states the intent of all deliverables.
Upon acceptance we move forward with the rest of your chosen design team and set a clear timeline of delivery on our work. Whether your looking for a landscape design for a building permit, Development permit, or re-zoning we can meet your needs. We pride ourselves in the high quality products we delivery and open, inclusive working relationships we establish with our clients and team members.
Whatever your needs, Jaan Designs will customize your landscape with your vision, building goals, budget, and your setting in mind.

Pricing for this service varies depending on many factors such as size, complexity, zoning constraints and others. Our deliverables would typically include:
•    An initial concept plan: Once the civil and building plans have been developed we can add the hard and soft landscape requirements. The end result is an initial concept which is delivered to you and shared between the team. After some discussion subsequent revisions will occur until we have a final concept to build on.

•    Final concept and details appropriate to your application: Once our final concept is complete we look at what other design sheets you’ll need in your application. Most development permit applications require a certain level of detail which we provide, this could be retaining walls, walkway materials or planting palette.

•    Construction details: Construction details are normally added for a building permit and give the owner and contractor a clear idea of what and how to install during the construction phase. Examples of this are planting details, hard surface details, water feature details, etc.

Feel free to contact us now to set your project in motion.