Plant Sales

On occasion we grow too many plants for our needs, below is a list of plants we currently have on hand. If your interested in purchasing any of the plants listed below, please contact us using the form found at the bottom of the page. We also provide plant brokerage services for our clients, if you have a list of plants your trying to source we can help you out.


Oca (Oxalis tuberosa) is a high altitude Andean tuber crop native to Peru, Bolivia and surrounding countries. It grows well in temperate maritime climates and has been commercialized on a small scale in New Zealand. Its tubers are visually attractive, tasty and nutritious. It could become a useful addition to the range of tuberous crops grown in the UK and other parts of Europe with similar climates and has the added advantage of being cultivated in a similar way to the potato. It would fit well into organic or sustainable horticultural systems as it is not closely related to any other important crops and seems to be fairly disease resistant.¹
Edible tubers which are very tasty, much like a lemon potato, quick to cook by either steaming, boiling, baking or frying. The only caveat is Oca will not start to form tubers until well after the fall equinox, you may find your harvesting in mid to late Dec. Best to wait until the plant has fully died back.


Oca seed for sale in three formats or groups, tubers only:

10 tubers @ $1.00 per tuber = $10.00 + GST

25 tubers @ .90 per tuber = $22.50 + GST

50 tubers @ .80 per tuber = $40.00 + GST

*GST extra. Oca seed tubers are small but produce an abundance in late fall.

All prices based on pick-up in Lantzville, shipping and handling extra and priced upon request.


We are now selling Oca until they start sprouting in early spring 2018

Drop us a note and let us know what plants you would like and how many.

9 + 10 =