We believe that landscapes should do more than just look good…

Jaan Designs provides regenerative land design and installation services for urban, acreage, and farm scale properties who wish to improve the ecology, production and function of their landscapes.

Regenerative Landscape Design

This design process uses ethics and principles in building the landscape framework. We often referred to this as working with or being in harmony with nature. The design process is in steps, that place a high priority on water. Water is an essential part of life within any landscape, and we typically look to optimize this resource as it travels through your site.

Landscape Design and Construction

This design process uses traditional landscape design and landscape architecture as it’s model. If one asked I would say our overall style would be termed as naturalistic, here we make our landscapes look like they fit within your site.

Rainwater Harvesting Design & Construction

Our rainwater harvesting designs and installations are done in accordance to ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) AP (Accredited Professional) standards. Our design and installation work includes systems for fire suppression, landscape irrigation, and potable water systems.

Landscape and Permaculture Design on Vancouver Island


We provide regenerative land design and installation services for urban, acreage, and farm scale properties who wish to improve the ecology, production and function of their landscapes. Our goal is to bring life to your landscape. Let us show you how we can transform your outdoor living space into an expression of who you are.

Regenerative Landscape Design for Urban, Acreage and Farm Scale Properties

We provide regenerative design services for those wishing to make positive ecological changes to their residential or farm properties. We use an ethics based design system that looks at your landscape as a whole rather than pieces. Permaculture design is a holistic design system which works with the assets on your property and typically requires fewer inputs (labour, water, fertilizers) while improving your ecosystem. One way we do this is by building soil, mimicking how natural systems operate and these are important steps in making your landscape more resilient.

Our goal is to bring an ecological balance to your landscape while maintaining a high level of aesthetic value.

Traditional Landscape Design for Residential Properties

We are an award-winning landscape design and installation team , we have developed a company that has been consistently recognized both provincially and nationally for our award-winning residential landscape designs and installations.

Whether you have a new home with essentially a “Blank canvas” or you have an older garden which needs restoration, we can help. The first step is to consider the services a landscape designer can provide.

We will discover and imagine with you, all the possibilities, and alternatives to be considered, until there is in your opinion, a meeting of minds, a shared understanding of what is in your mind’s eye. Or we will set about to create one that is as unique as you are.

What’s the first step?

We can arrange for a 15-30 minute phone conversation where we chat about your current situation and how we might apply design ideas to enhance your site. Once we have a good understanding of your current situation and goals we will arrange to meet with you at your site.

Subject to your agreement our design team will create a comprehensive landscape or permaculture design. The next step is yours, to capture your dream and bring it to life.

Some of our past clients…

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