Regenerative Landscape Design

This design process uses regenerative and permaculture ethics and principles as a design platform. This platform places a priority on the water resources on your property and builds a framework around this.This process tends to work with nature rather than imposing an ideal or will on the landscape.

Residential Landscape Design

We provide a customized landscape design that is tailored to fit your needs and blend in with your home and property. We often work some regenerative ideas into this design framework in an effort to provide a good solid foundation for the planting areas so that they can thrive with less inputs of energy (time), water and fertilization.

Commercial Landscape Design

We create landscape designs for commercial properties needing to acquire development permits, re-zoning and finally building permits where the ideas go from paper to the building site.

Landscape Construction

Your landscape design is complete and now it’s time to take these ideas and apply them to your site. We will walk you through every step and ensure that there are no surprises.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is and important addition to any property whether you are collecting and storing weave within a cistern (known as active rainwater harvesting) or simply storing the rainwater within your soils (passive rainwater harvesting). There are many strategies the we can employ to increase your properties resilience.

Plant Sales

We grow some of the harder to find plant treasures which we like sell to our friends and followers. This page gets updated as our stock is ready for sale, check back regularly or drop us a note if your looking for something specific.

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