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Angela Giuriato

Angela Giuriato


Angela has been involved with the landscape industry for over fifteen years. She started her career from the ground up, working with her husband Jamie Wallace in the landscape construction field. Known for her creative ideas, and keen attention to detail she quickly embraced the duties of a Landscape designer. Early in her career she played a key role in designing, then installation many award winning landscapes. The BCLNA, CNLA, and the CHBABC recognized her company for the unique and high quality landscapes that she was involved with.

Angela’s passion for the landscape industry has drawn her into becoming a certified organic master gardener and member of SOUL. She is committed to using organic practices in both her designs and during construction in order to create a low maintenance landscape with a high aesthetic appeal, while minimizing environmental impact.

Recently she volunteered her services to the District of Lantzville, where she was chair of the Urban Food Garden Committee. She is currently studying for  a CLD designation which is offered by the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association.


Well I finally had the neighbours over to celebrate the new patio complete with wind spinner and the fire pit fully ablaze. I’m so happy with the way everything turned out, it is a joy to look out the window to see.   I was on the patio yesterday until the last ray of sun was gone.
Thanks again for all your great help during the renovation, the results are wonderful.

Christine L.

Jamie Wallace

Jamie Wallace

Landscape Designer, Permaculture Designer, Rainwater Harvesting Designer and Contractor

Jamie has been working in the landscape industry for over 28 years since starting his career with the Vancouver Parks board. Here Jamie completed a four year apprenticeship which provided him with a wide variety of experience in places like Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, The Bloedel Conservatory, and Van Dusen Gardens. Following a strong interest in plants and there cultivation Jamie secured a position in England working at Windsor Great Park for the Crown commission. While working in England Jamie had the privilege of visiting Bhutan on a plant and bird trek. This trip inspired him to learn more about how these Himalayan plants thrive in this incredible environment.

During his training, many gardeners whom he worked under instilled the importance of what we now term as organic practices. Using natural products to enhance soil and its fertility has always been an important part of his landscape practices. These practices are still valued today and are a large part of his daily work.

In 1996 with a strong plant knowledge base, Jamie and Angela moved to Lantzville on Vancouver Island were they started a landscape design and construction firm. The BCLNA, CNLA, and the CHBABC recognized their company for the unique and high quality landscapes that they created.

Jamie took a brief hiatus in 2009 to work for a large local landscape firm were he fine tuned his skills in commercial landscape design and commercial tendering. He was also a project manager and general manager during this time.

Jamie and Angela are back working together with an even greater amount of skill sets including a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) with the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia, one of the world leaders in permaculture training.
Currently Jamie is a spokesperson and director for FUAL (Friends of Urban Agriculture in Lantzville Society), a Certified CANARM Professional (Canadian Association for Rainwater Management), ARCSA AP and a Manure Maven.

Q & A

I have many deer visit my landscape, can I still have a beautiful garden?

Yes working with the deer can be a challenge. We have worked in many areas with high deer visitation and have developed a core group of plants which are highly deer resistant.

What size projects do you do?

We work on a wide variety of projects from small urban settings to large acreage.

Can I have some permaculture elements added to my design?

With our clients approval, we like to see as many permaculture techniques or elements used in a design. Why? Well we have found that adding these elements builds a landscapes resilience, less inputs are required in the way of water, labour and fertilization. We strive to always be building soil which results in an improved eco-system health.

I want to grow some of my own food, is this possible?

We encourage all our clients to grow some of their own food. Not only does it taste better and have more nutrient density but it also brings great resiliency to your household. Many people are drawn towards this option.

How much does a design usually cost?

That’s a tough question that requires a site visit and an in depth discussion with our perspective clients. Most designs can cost between $2,000-$4,000, the size of the property, complexity of the design and deliverables all play into this price.

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